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Research Fellow: BIONET
BIOS Centre for the Study of Bioscience, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society, London School of Economics and Political Science
deadline: November 9, 2006

BIONET is a ‘Coordination Action' funded under the Sixth Framework Programme to research the ethical governance of biological and biomedical research in China and to run workshops and conferences. It includes 21 partners, including 6 Chinese institutions, and nine European countries. BIOS at LSE is the lead partner. You will undertake research, data analysis, writing and publication within the framework of BIONET, assist with project organization and management, and develop and undertake individual research relevant to the aims and objectives of BIONET.

Please visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/jobsatLSE for a full application pack.

Five Postdoc Positions, The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
deadline: December 1, 2006

1. One fellowship, beginning 1 October 2007, in Department III (headed by Hans-Jorg Rheinberger). Projects related to the history and epistemology of the life sciences are particularly welcome.

2. Four fellowships, beginning 1 September 2007, in Department II (headed by Lorraine Daston). Projects should relate to the history and/or philosophy of scientific observation, in either the natural or human sciences.

Outstanding junior scholars (Ph.D. awarded no earlier than 2002) are  invited to apply. Fellowships are endowed with a monthly stipend between 1900 and 2300 euro (fellows from abroad). Women are especially encouraged to apply. The Max Planck Society is committed to employing more handicapped individuals. Qualified candidates with relevant projects may submit applications to both departments. The fellowships are open to candidates of all nationalities. The colloquium language is English.

Research Position, The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

deadline: December 15, 2006
We seek an outstanding junior scholar (Ph.D. no earlier than 2001, postdoc desirable but not necessary) for a three-year position (Research fellowship) to begin 1 August 2007 in conjunction with the research project History of Scientific Observation.  Applications (which may be submitted in French, German, or English) from qualified candidates of all nationalitiesand disciplinary backgrounds are welcome; the colloquium language is English. It is expected that candidates will be able to present their own work and discuss that of others fluently in that language. Research projects may focus on either the natural or human sciences. The position is primarily devoted to research, with no teaching duties.

Postdoctoral Fellowships, Mind and Culture, The Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers

deadline: January 5, 2007
The Mind and Culture project seeks to encourage a dialogue between cognitive science and the humanities. The goal is to provide an occasion for scholars to discuss developments in the philosophy of mind or cognitive psychology or neurolinguistics and their potential implications for humanistic inquiry; at the same time, it is to consider how methods from humanities might help to reframe or situate problems in the cognitive sciences. Few topics sit so squarely at the interface of science and the humanities. We hope to overcome predictable hostilities within the division of knowledge by building a set of shared concerns. Among them might be: the role of the brain in aesthetic experience; the role of the emotions in cognition and ethics; the problem of consciousness in literary and philosophical discourse.

Cornell University Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Institute for the Social Sciences
Contentious Politics: Science, Social Science, and Social Protest

deadline: November 15, 2006
Post-doctoral research fellows are invited to apply for participation in an interdisciplinary project on Contentious Politics: Science, Social Science, and Social Protest (http://www.socialsciences.cornell.edu/theme_projects.html). Applications will be accepted for one or two-year positions, beginning approximately August 15, 2007. The project is led by an interdisciplinary team that is exploring the political construction and social diffusion of authoritative knowledge derived from either the natural or social sciences, ranging from transgenic organisms in agriculture to models of economic development. The team is interested in the diffusion of social movements that construct, promote or contest public policies grounded in such knowledge, especially where such movements explicitly challenge the credibility of knowledge claims or the authority of the institutions that produce them. The project, coordinated by the Institute for the Social Sciences, will sponsor a seminar series, visiting scholars, and opportunities for multi-disciplinary research collaboration.

Greenwall Fellowship Program in Bioethics and Health Policy (The Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University)

deadline: November 15, 2006
Announce a jointly-sponsored 3-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship Positionk beginning in September 2007. This fellowship is for a historian whose research interests link history with ethical issues in medicine, science, and/or health policy. The position includes an individualized academic program, supervised research, teaching, and a summer internship in a health policy setting. For more general information, visit: http://histmed.jhmi.edu and http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/bioethics.