Philosophy Today Special Issue on H/P

Robert Frodeman and Carl Mitcham, ed.
Philosophy Today Vol. 48, no. 5 (2004) Special Issue:
Toward a Philosophy of Science Policy (pdf of issue's complete contents)

Philosophy Today Special Issue Contents:

Robert Frodeman and Carl Mitcham:
New Dimensions in the Philosophy of Science: Toward a Philosophy of Science Policy

Andoni Alsonso, Luis Cosas, Carlos Castro, and Fernando Solis:
Research, Development, and Innovation in Extremadura: A Gnu/Linex Case Study

Eric Cohen:
Science, Democracy, and Stem Cells

Robert Frodeman:
The Policy Sciences, Science Policy, and the Development of Humanities Policy

Matthias Gross and Wolfgang Krohn:
Science in a Real-World Context: Constructing Knowledge Through Recursive Learning

Juan Lucena:
Science and Anti-terrorism: Notes for an Interdisciplinary Assessment of a New Policy Justification for Science and Engineering Education

Daniel Sarewitz, Suillermo Foladori, Noela Inverinzza, and Michele S. Garfinkel:
Science Policy in its Social Context

Alison Shaw and John Robinson:
Relevant but Not Prescriptive: Science Policy Models in the IPCC

Kristin Shrader-Frechette:
Models of Panther Biology and Radiobiology: Philosophy as Scientific Citizenship

Uday T. Turaga and Rama Mohana Turaga:
Science Policy for India: A Memo to the Indian Council for Scientific Research

Ambrosio Belasco Gómez:
Toward a Political Philosophy of Science