Topics of Research
Our work in Humanities/Policy has centered on locating areas where science and technology policy can benefit from the insights of the Humanities. Many of the areas in which science and technology are so obviously important (e.g., healthcare, defense, homeland security, space exploration, and the environment) intersect with broader societal interests; many questions of policy are not only matters of science and technology, but also of ethics and values, of metaphysics and theology, of aesthetics and culture. By addressing these added dimensions of decision-making, a humanities oriented toward policy opens up new possibilities for decision-makers, broadening their horizons and increasing their available alternatives.

NSF 2nd Criterion Nanotechnology
Bioethics Space Exploration
Food H/P in the Parks
Evolution/ Intelligent Design Global Warming
Energy Policy Economic Globalization
New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina Windfarms
Ecology National Security
Public Lands Management Water